Logo   Old Vale Tudo: Marco Ruas vs. Pinduka
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We've all seen highlights from this fight since Marco Ruas came into the UFC, but this is the fight that put him on the map. Pinduka was considered one of Carlson Gracie's best guys ever. Marco was, of course, flying the Luta Livre flag, which made this a very contentious battle. This match took place in 1984.

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NiteProwleR site profile image  

2/23/09 9:24 PM by NiteProwleR

lol@edson getting a 10 count, that shit just prolonged his suffering.

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2/23/09 8:55 PM by Master Shredder


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2/16/09 9:25 PM by Yatsuzaki


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2/16/09 8:10 PM by antoniomontana


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2/16/09 8:06 PM by skooter

Thanks for the vids!!!Pele VS Hughes NEVER gets old.Pele shows you how to go from flat on your back to knock a prime Hughes out in about 6 seconds flat. You can easily see how BJM saved Hughes ass from a brutal beatdown. I promise you all that if it had been the "other way around" Big John would have let it go and go and go.....kinda pathetic IMO.

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2/9/09 3:14 PM by Master Shredder


Rali site profile image  

2/9/09 11:09 AM by Rali

Vov was a ragging bull.

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2/9/09 1:23 AM by caposa

awesome thread

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2/9/09 12:47 AM by kao

whose that big old bald headed due in pentagon combat. i think he fought Renzo once or twice in a back room challenge and lost. what is he doing now a days? they should match him up with james C.

drkatz site profile image  

2/8/09 11:53 PM by drkatz

 pentagon combat 0 cage-side security guards<100+ rabid brazilans