Logo   Lyoto Machida vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
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Lyoto Machida vs Rafael Lovato Jr.

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Armbar and Grill site profile image  

2/13/09 2:25 PM by Armbar and Grill

any more of these PSL sub X matches? (or whatever it was called)?? I can never find the whole matches, just the highlites.

Balance site profile image  

2/13/09 12:41 AM by Balance

I read this and thought Machida spent no time on the ground. I just finished watching the first 10 minutes, and it was all spent on the ground. If you want to complain about the match, complain about Lovato not being able to sweep or submit Machida in that time. It wasn't like Machida wasn't grappling with him.

JuDoK@ site profile image  

2/12/09 10:51 PM by JuDoK@

Machida apparently has a sick ko soto gake man.. he threw tito with that in the ufc as well. I am guessing his takedowns are good. My question is why people think a standing grappling match is always stalling and winning on points is stupid. Is standing not a part of grappling/jiujitsu? You guys are such idiots and nut riders for BJJ. The fact of the matter is he won with a throw. Lovato lost because he did not take Machida down... Sounds like it was Lovato's problem and not Machidas.

mrgoodarmbar site profile image  

2/12/09 11:57 AM by mrgoodarmbar

perceptive hindsight....I think people don't like it when you score a couple points, then disengage and stall. It's different than good defense (which he has). Strategically it may get you the win, but it's not the intent of the system.

BenBJJ site profile image  

2/12/09 7:34 AM by BenBJJ

Machida won by having more points. Same thing happens in tennis, football, basketball. Its a sport.I expect that Machida will be also know in the world of MMA very soon!

SMACDADDY site profile image  

2/11/09 8:35 PM by SMACDADDY

Wow, Machida hate everywhere you go huh?

Invincible site profile image  

2/11/09 6:00 PM by Invincible

that's fuckin weak! he ran from Lovato the entire time and won with a foot sweep?!!!

paw site profile image  

2/11/09 3:43 PM by paw

 for laters

sasquatch site profile image  

2/11/09 12:36 PM by sasquatch


matt murdock site profile image  

2/11/09 11:18 AM by matt murdock

Machida is so risk adverse.