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bakalol site profile image  

7/24/09 9:00 PM by bakalol

Still havent forgiven him and southworth calling leben a "fatherless bitch"... Paulo Thiago HERO

Sexyama x site profile image  
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7/24/09 8:55 PM by Sexyama x


86ed4life site profile image  

3/5/09 8:57 AM by 86ed4life

Paulo Thiago am I the only one that remembers the one two punch combo that derailed Kos.

PembrokePinesVillain site profile image  

3/4/09 11:54 PM by PembrokePinesVillain

lol! epic fail!

uhfelons site profile image  

3/4/09 7:52 PM by uhfelons

bah.  Yoshida was on vacation after that combo.  Kos was ready to rock.  Anyone questioning Kos' recovery ability hasn't seen Kos/Alves.  Still, what's done is done.

EnderinAK site profile image  

3/4/09 7:51 PM by EnderinAK

Dan Quinn

Jordan Watters site profile image  

3/4/09 7:50 PM by Jordan Watters

 what goes around...comes around.

uhfelons site profile image  

3/4/09 7:45 PM by uhfelons

This is after like, no more than a year of MMA training.  Where is your loyalty now? 

uhfelons site profile image  

3/4/09 7:38 PM by uhfelons

even after being "stopped" by Paulo Thiago, Kos is ready to rock again.  The dude lives to fight. Sorry chris wilson, Kos is going to manage you.