Logo   Leonard Garcia on WEC Title Bout 3/1/09
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Leonard Garcia faces WEC Featherweight Champion Mike Brown on Sunday March 1st, Live from Corpus Christ Texas. (1:18)

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AARISH site profile image  

2/23/09 9:33 PM by AARISH

haha yep, lets be honest, there are only a few stars in MMA - they sell

rharris site profile image  

2/23/09 9:24 PM by rharris


dunchurrn site profile image  

2/23/09 12:31 PM by dunchurrn

"Even when it's not about Faber, it's about Faber." isn't as catchy as "as real as it gets" but I guess you need something

Ausgepicht site profile image  

2/23/09 12:28 PM by Ausgepicht

I am just picturing Huerta's win over Garcia and how much better of a wrestler and stronger Brown is than Huerta.

Mad Xyientist site profile image  

2/23/09 12:22 PM by Mad Xyientist

 Garcia is going to get killed.

rharris site profile image  

2/23/09 12:21 PM by rharris


RyanWilcox site profile image  

2/22/09 6:51 PM by RyanWilcox

 "I approve this thread."

rharris site profile image  

2/22/09 5:00 PM by rharris


xakx site profile image  

2/22/09 5:00 PM by xakx


JDolo site profile image  

2/22/09 4:47 PM by JDolo

 Garcia would beat Kaber, Brown beats Faber again, Fabiano beats Faber, there are guys climbing up the ranks who beat Faber.  Time for Faber to fight someone not named Jens Pulver.