Logo   Amaury Bitteti vs Fabio Gurgel
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Classic battle between two masters. (8:520

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Baki site profile image  

2/26/09 4:07 PM by Baki

ttt for later....totally the golden period...

Armbar and Grill site profile image  

2/25/09 8:42 AM by Armbar and Grill

i love those matches from the mid-late 90's. So many of those guys are living legends, it's like bjj's golden period

AlliancePA site profile image  

2/24/09 8:20 AM by AlliancePA

2 monsters on the mat and 2 all around nice guys.

Faust site profile image  

2/23/09 6:24 PM by Faust

Anybody ever get one of these beltshttp://www.eosinpanther.com/product_info.php?cPath=25&products_id=86

Don Whitefield site profile image  

2/23/09 5:42 PM by Don Whitefield

 I just had the chance to train with Amaury a few weeks ago and his seminar was absolutely worth it. When asked who his toughest opponent ever was he said without hesitation Fabio.

sasquatch site profile image  

2/23/09 10:50 AM by sasquatch

ttt for later

PTM2020 site profile image  

2/23/09 2:27 AM by PTM2020

classic battle between 2 masters