Logo   Drew Fickett on Judge Judy pt 1!
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Funny. (7:37)

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godwillingbro site profile image  

2/26/09 10:38 PM by godwillingbro

Widespread, how does Drew's nuts taste?

WidespreadPanic site profile image  

2/26/09 3:30 PM by WidespreadPanic

 Guys, just don't be hatin' on Drew for this. Bottom line we all act like a-holes now and then and as kids nobody likes to own up to their misbehaviors. AGAIN, he was also hamming it up for the show. The Producers coach the players. They want to simulate real life drama. Only Judge Judy plays it straight. Nobody is out money, they get scale and they are asked to play a 'hammed up version' of themselves if it were really in court (and then some). Judge Judy needs to be fed some good straight lines and some 'sass' otherwise she couldn't be the best Judge Judy. Once you're in there, yeah it seems real, so some of the 'acting' isn't so much acting as it is getting sucked into the moment. Drew's a good guy and he's not just some Arizona wrestling thug as the show portrayed him. It's reality TV after all, just a different type. They want to sell the show not (necessarily) portray accurate personalities. :)

groundfighter2000 site profile image  

2/26/09 8:01 AM by groundfighter2000

not only that joe rogaine and edward braveau's buddy lawrence the guy who talks about jiu jitsu being more exciting than lifting weights in the 10th planet promo vid, and the guy who's crib it actually is when bravo does mtv cribs spoof in "the twister." And he owns nature's something supplements. He's on that Bravo show Millionaire Matchmaker.

Denny Prokopos site profile image  

2/26/09 2:59 AM by Denny Prokopos


TheAdonis site profile image  

2/26/09 1:20 AM by TheAdonis

Dana white probably had his jew lawyers lonstein and co from NYC have it removed. They sue anyone who blinks at them.

Kr0ndogg site profile image  

2/25/09 2:58 PM by Kr0ndogg

the video got removed. sorry. ear;y bird gets the worm. you foolios are too late. /shrug

godwillingbro site profile image  

2/25/09 2:42 PM by godwillingbro

Doesn't work assholes.

Sambist007 site profile image  

2/25/09 9:21 AM by Sambist007

Just ratings and money. They are coached and get a little something for their time. Someone explained the process earlier in the thread.

CruJones site profile image  

2/25/09 7:12 AM by CruJones

ttt... for later

Over77 site profile image  

2/25/09 6:26 AM by Over77

yeah where's PT 1?