Logo   Alex Reid from TUF9 interviews UFC fighters
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Alex 'The Reidenator' Reid from TUF9 interviews UFC fighters including Forrest Griffin, Tim Creduer, Amir Sadollah as well as Frank Shamrock, Marc Laimon, Kron Gracie, Eddie Bravo...

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Daihlo site profile image  

4/3/09 10:31 AM by Daihlo

Edited - double post!

Peoria Athletic Club site profile image  

4/3/09 9:36 AM by Peoria Athletic Club

 good stuff!

PJ Benn Fan site profile image  

4/3/09 9:24 AM by PJ Benn Fan

Reid looks really tough. But with all due respect, Anderson beat Lee Murray like Lee stole from Silva's bank account!  

PoppaShango site profile image  

4/3/09 8:28 AM by PoppaShango

you are fucking TRIPPING..did you even see the fight? i like reid a lot and think he is entertaining and extremely tough...but there is no way a reasonable person could say he won that fight or had any advantage on the feet...iirc the fight was ruled a no contest because reid kept grabbing the ropes instead of getting slammed and the crowd stormed the ring..what fight were you watching?

beatjnkie site profile image  

4/3/09 8:19 AM by beatjnkie

Who was the ripped dude at the end with Marvin Eastman?

Daihlo site profile image  

4/3/09 8:10 AM by Daihlo

Alex is a nice guy in real life. Big personality but a real good guy. I think its a shame he didnt get into the house, he is good TV stuff, and can fight as well.He beat Lee Murray in an earlier fight. Murray KO'd Pele, same to Tito outside the UFC, Murray also went the distance with Anderson Silva and had Silva trying to take him down...Reid beat Murray in stand up.Ales is a good fighter, has had some bad luck though, fought Ninja Rua which unfortunately was stopped due to a real nasty split shin, fought Xavier Pokum (current UFC fighter) which ended when Pokem poked Reid in the eye and couldnt carry on... Also fought Daijaru Matsui (spelling?) Sakurabas protegy and PrideFC fighter. Lots of good fights on his record, some bad luck endings. Alex would have been good in the house imo

PMcG site profile image  

4/3/09 7:53 AM by PMcG

What a dick he was on TUF, glad he lost that fight. Can't stand people who are as cocky and love themselves as much as he does and can't back it up in their fight. WTF was all that talk and whooping he did in his fight? Guy looked like a transvestive plastic surgery gone wrong.

The Sundance Kid site profile image  

4/3/09 2:26 AM by The Sundance Kid


uedamasa site profile image  

4/3/09 2:03 AM by uedamasa

Alex Reid's a Bum

Andrew Montanez site profile image  

4/3/09 1:33 AM by Andrew Montanez