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shmuckothemighty site profile image  

4/9/09 8:25 PM by shmuckothemighty

Love him or hate him Trigg always comes across as a genuine good guy

Ken Lee site profile image  

4/9/09 8:25 PM by Ken Lee

ttt for Trigg.

Kajuhn site profile image  
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4/9/09 8:18 PM by Kajuhn

Well, i'm a fan, and will continue to be.

TRIGG site profile image  

4/9/09 7:57 PM by TRIGG

I think you might be right.  I cut these in one take with no edit.  iwant them to be a rAw as they can be with a look into  a real conversation with me, even though one sided.  

Kajuhn site profile image  
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4/8/09 7:21 AM by Kajuhn

For some reason i can see your son and friends on his comp, looking at your blog on Ytube...writing something to piss you off, just to see your reaction.Good blogs though, thanks Frank.29 time Champion? I see BJ peaking at 19-20 time Champion, at a max 3 Title defenses a year. :)

olandermc site profile image  

4/8/09 7:05 AM by olandermc

I too love all your vlogs.But want to see more of your daily life not you just sitting there. Thanks again Frank for your vlogs

Crooklyn site profile image  
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4/8/09 3:49 AM by Crooklyn

I love all your vlogs.  This one is equally awesome to the others.  Always looking forward to the next one.  <3

uedamasa site profile image  

4/8/09 3:40 AM by uedamasa

Nice Way to start new things in Vloging, NO SWEARING,CURSING and SEX ORIENTED DISCRMINATION...

TSGIGOR site profile image  

4/8/09 3:29 AM by TSGIGOR


Tru site profile image  

4/8/09 3:19 AM by Tru