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Anderson Silva answers questions from the media at the UFC 97 Post Fight Press Conference.

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temporal site profile image  

4/20/09 10:27 AM by temporal

 I never post here,ever! But you fucking keyboard fags make me sick! and you know who you are!!! You guys just keep talking, First none of you guys that talk and Don't do would never have the balls to even have a sparring match with silva, or thales, so keep talking and never do!

lordbreakdown site profile image  

4/20/09 9:37 AM by lordbreakdown

I'm inclined to think that if Silva really believed the excuse he gave, he wouldn't have apologized to Dana.

TagaCameron site profile image  

4/19/09 10:46 PM by TagaCameron

You are correct. It was like watching a chess match. Incredibly boring.

Mark Hunter site profile image  

4/19/09 8:34 PM by Mark Hunter

IMHO, this is what a true MMA fan will say about that fight (as opposed to the "Johnny Come Lately" fans that think Forrest Griffin is an MMA pioneer). Yes, Anderson could've been more exciting . . . and I wish he had been. But would have you all have done if you faced the prospective of going to the ground with Leites?? If you were smart, you would've fought cautious and took the win home . . . just like Anderson did.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

4/19/09 7:50 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 "He's beaten 3 UFC HW champions (Nog twice, Big Tim, and Arlovski)." Coleman? Randleman?

Kansas Comet site profile image  

4/19/09 7:41 PM by Kansas Comet

You can spin it anyway you want, but that last match of the evening SUCKED! Newsflash Gents both fighters are to blame for one of the worst Main Event Championship fights in the history of our great sport; Leitas obviously for his butt flopping and overly cautious gameplan - seemingly done only to survive not win.Silva has shown ZERO killer instinct in his last two fights and has been lackluster as a result in both..

wet paper bag site profile image  

4/19/09 5:56 PM by wet paper bag

ok now, can we all agree that BJJ gard floppers and boot scooters fully suck and should be banned from our sport? when you can make A silva look bad there's a problem.... the dude was dropping to his ass and proud of it.... he was like "come down here and fight like a man" and serious about it what a feyg..... I'm not saying stand up is more macho than ground. I'm just saying that you should fight like your father is watching..... and if my dad was watching me fight I surely wouldn't drop down and boot scoot..... gheynessseriously I don't want to hear anybody argue the point of the boot scoot and guard flop anymore.... it's silly sissy boy shit and it needs to be told to some people.... okit really needs to stop.... fine if you want to mat battle w/ your bum buddies at the gym but keep that feyg shit behind closed doors and lets all try and make our sport progress not digress... lets keep it exciting.... lets make our fathers proud and not cover thier faces in boot scoot shame.ok so he has a killer ground game.... if he doesn't have a real good stand up game wtf is he doing in the ufc? I thought the 1 dimentional shit was over at about ufc 10 or somethingoh and I don't think anybody waas booing Anderson, they were booing the guard flopping douche..... Anderson did just what you should against that kind of fighter..... make him look like a douche for flopping

Brigham site profile image  

4/19/09 5:44 PM by Brigham

 He's Lyoto Machida...

fob site profile image  

4/19/09 3:23 PM by fob

MMA Monkey, as true as it is, that we'll all look back and think Silva was awesome, that in itself is a sad statement - because all we've got is looking back. If I had shelled the hundreds of $$$ they want to see a fight live, I'd be super pissed right now, about how Silva is NOW, as opposed to what he used to be.Personally, I won't even do a Pay per view for Silva anymore... I could see better uses for my money.

MMA Monkey site profile image  

4/19/09 2:19 PM by MMA Monkey

Try watching the fight without any sound. And you can see that Silva's skill is on a whole 'nother level. However, his new style of completely-and-utterly-neutralizing his opponents is frustrating to watch because he has so many opportunities to end fights if he had his old aggressiveness. He's a smart dude that's looking after his legacy , he is close to becoming one of the best ever and he's not going to take any chances. after he's retired we're all going to look back and claim that he's the most intelligent fighter ever.