Logo   UFC 97 Post-Fight Presser: Liddell & Shogun Rua
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Mauricio Rua talks about his win against legendary UFC light heavyweight Chuck Liddell. And Chuck talks about his very likely retirement from the sport he help build.

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Stone Rolled site profile image  

4/21/09 7:53 AM by Stone Rolled

Chuck got millions. Been there done that at the fight game. Now he's gonna live it up for the remainder of his life! I hope we will see him in some movies.

Rob Mac site profile image  

4/21/09 5:04 AM by Rob Mac

and there was nothing wrong with the dialect from the reporter or Chuck, until Chuck decided to end it in devastating fashion lol

Rob Mac site profile image  

4/21/09 4:58 AM by Rob Mac

the reporter is there to ask questions and he did his job. if they dont ask tough questions, we dont get any answers.

matt murdock site profile image  

4/20/09 11:14 AM by matt murdock


disbeliever site profile image  

4/20/09 10:04 AM by disbeliever

Are you serious?

Your Arsonist site profile image  

4/20/09 9:36 AM by Your Arsonist

haha...ppfffttt totally created an image of a hand gesture in my head..hahaha.

dMo site profile image  

4/20/09 8:27 AM by dMo


Your Arsonist site profile image  

4/20/09 7:39 AM by Your Arsonist

It's not that it's impressive...It's just that the Reporter was speaking and thinking like a typical Coach/Keyboard Warrior and got shut down by a Fighter who actually knows what he is talking about. He did'nt like what Chuck had to say about his first remark, so he continued to babble and try to talk over Chuck and justify his statement as if he knew and understood the fight game better than the most recognizable face in the history in the sport. Chuck realized he was a boob halfway through it and waved him away.


4/20/09 7:38 AM by K-Dub-"T"


Rob Mac site profile image  

4/20/09 4:18 AM by Rob Mac

Reporter to Anderson (not verbatim but close) "it seems like your afraid to attack your opponent, having too much fun out there playing cat and mouse"Chucks jumps in. Reporter replies "i've seen him attack and be more explosive"Chuck does the arrogant hand motion flipping off the reporter. What is so impressive about Chuck here ?