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ESPN Radio:White tells Steve Cofield that he was embarrassed by the Silva-Thales Leites fight and that he wanted to leave the building.

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Chris Clugston Fan site profile image  

4/20/09 3:18 AM by Chris Clugston Fan

Dana is not right to have these expectations of a guy who is at the top. People fight aggressive and hungry when they are trying to get there and actually make some decent money. Once they have a title (and make the most money) they fight smarter and try not to lose it.

Mr. Malcolm site profile image  

4/20/09 1:01 AM by Mr. Malcolm


MountainMedic site profile image  

4/20/09 12:09 AM by MountainMedic

that gif is totally f'd up.completely

Immaculata site profile image  

4/19/09 10:57 PM by Immaculata

Dana is right, like it or not.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

4/19/09 10:14 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 Yep...can't blame dudes for not wanting to get Werdumed.

EvilMaster site profile image  

4/19/09 10:08 PM by EvilMaster

Hearing that Chuck is done right from the Bald Fathers mouth makes me feel like this kid...MMA without Chuck Liddell around knocking people tfo...is something different. :(

Average Fan site profile image  

4/19/09 10:05 PM by Average Fan

Thanks for posting the vid. Interesting stuff.

Mr. Malcolm site profile image  

4/19/09 9:55 PM by Mr. Malcolm


Mr. Malcolm site profile image  

4/19/09 8:15 PM by Mr. Malcolm

Yup. I think there's no way Silva is just all of a sudden "bored." I think that's part of it but i think there's other things going on we will never know about. Dana said he was about to go talk to Anderson and Soares after the interview to find out whats going on. I hope they can get whatever is going on worked out.  

Chris Clugston Fan site profile image  

4/19/09 8:12 PM by Chris Clugston Fan

Dana can't wrap his brain around the fact that Silva has to take a huge paycut if he loses a fight and thus takes no real risks?