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Here's a HL vid a friend of mine made. Hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks...

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BJJStudent site profile image  

5/6/09 11:32 PM by BJJStudent


Jon Murphy site profile image  

5/6/09 3:45 PM by Jon Murphy

That could be my new tag line: "I'll whoop your ass and take your cash!"

epwar site profile image  

5/5/09 8:33 PM by epwar

ttt for Jon Murphy! Strikeforce or someone needs to sign him up as the guy leaves bullies with no cash at all!

Seamus619 site profile image  

5/4/09 6:28 PM by Seamus619


Jon Murphy site profile image  

5/4/09 6:11 PM by Jon Murphy


BigBlueNinja site profile image  

4/29/09 11:52 PM by BigBlueNinja


BeanTownMMA site profile image  

4/28/09 1:29 PM by BeanTownMMA


Jon Murphy site profile image  

4/28/09 1:26 PM by Jon Murphy

bdookie50 - Thanks again man. Wish the same for you. Take care...

bodookie50 site profile image  

4/28/09 1:23 PM by bodookie50

Thanks man ya we had some good runs. I hear you though. The fun isn't quite there at the college level. Keep up the hard work man. Best of luck in your career and life!

Jon Murphy site profile image  

4/28/09 12:56 PM by Jon Murphy

BBN - Thanks bro...bodookie50 - Truth is I never really had the passion, love for football that you really need to follow through with all the meetings, films, etc. at the DI level. I loved the competition/aggression, just never truly loved the game, you know. Grand Valley, huh? You guys had a pretty good run on the national scene around the time I played if I remember correctly. Had a hell of a good RB. Can't remember his name at the moment. Thanks again man. Take care...Brian - Good to hear from you bro. Hope all is well. Thinkin' maybe one of these weeks coming up, I'd like to roll up to the city and we could get some training in. Got some things coming up, and I can't find good heavies around here at all to train with. I'm sure you heard about Shane. That sucks for him. He loved this sport. I don't know man. Hit me back when you can. Hope all is well...