Logo   Anderson Silva v.s. Yushin Okami
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Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami Rumble on the Rock

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Steve Montgomery site profile image  

4/26/09 12:17 AM by Steve Montgomery

 lol i didn't know troy was the ref for this fight

locke23 site profile image  

4/25/09 11:42 PM by locke23


Druskee27 site profile image  

4/25/09 5:18 PM by Druskee27

You must have been watching a diffrent fight. Okami was puzzled till he got the takedown and there was NO "working him over". Yea Okami won but he also got KTFOCrazy how they were a 1st round matchup

SKARHEAD site profile image  

4/25/09 4:58 PM by SKARHEAD


CRE site profile image  

4/25/09 2:36 PM by CRE

Okami was fucking working him over don't know what fight you're watching

CRE site profile image  

4/25/09 2:34 PM by CRE

Also I further ask why wouldn't you want to see a rematch? It was an exciting fight the first time, Okami nearly passed his guard, landed some GNP then got cheated.

CRE site profile image  

4/25/09 2:33 PM by CRE

It's not, both fighters have improved drastically and Okami/Silva were fighting @ 175Okami won end of story

epwar site profile image  

4/25/09 2:31 PM by epwar

Wow, watching Anderson throw three punches at a time is amazing after last weekend. Anderson showed more fire in the three minutes of that fight than during the Leites fight.And TTT for Troy Mandalonez being the ref!

keepthechange site profile image  

4/25/09 11:58 AM by keepthechange

Theres no way thats the Silva Okami fight CRE's been using as fuel for countless terrible threads...

MIKEBROOKS site profile image  

4/25/09 11:54 AM by MIKEBROOKS

Does Dana know they fought? I bet he will be pissed off that they fought without telling him....man that wasn't even in the ufc cage... manBrooks