Logo   Drew Fickett vs Nick Lentz: Round 1
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Nick Lentz takes on Drew Fickett in a MMA match in Beatdown 4. Commentary by Brock Larson and Matt Taylor.

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SugaShaneDZ site profile image  

5/4/09 4:30 PM by SugaShaneDZ

thanks buddy and let me know whats shaking in the next few months for you guys!!!

Wontsubmit site profile image  

5/4/09 3:03 PM by Wontsubmit

 when I get the vids i will, I just found this on youtube.

SugaShaneDZ site profile image  

5/4/09 1:29 PM by SugaShaneDZ

ttt for both guys!!! What an awesome fight!!!Chris-can you post the Knothe vs Wallace fight PLEASE!!!!

Mad Xyientist site profile image  

5/4/09 12:28 PM by Mad Xyientist

 As someone with functioning ears, that was tough to listen to.

sgavin site profile image  

5/4/09 11:46 AM by sgavin

 bump for the carny

cadeswallows site profile image  

5/4/09 11:28 AM by cadeswallows


xakx site profile image  

5/4/09 3:53 AM by xakx


cadeswallows site profile image  

5/4/09 3:13 AM by cadeswallows

nostripewhite-what r u talking about his camp being in turmoil????

Sublime7SD site profile image  

5/3/09 11:42 PM by Sublime7SD

Taking the bait I guess, but I don't use wins as criteria for deciding the fighters I like. Some fighters just have a certain aspect of their style that piques my interest, I then I enjoy watching that fighter compete. I don't give a shit who they've beaten in dominating fashion, or slipped a "lucky" choke on. A fluke submission would be something like George Bush trying to give Ricco a flying left hook while he was on his back in THE YAMMA and overrotating, basically landing with Ricco in back control with hooks in. If Ricco would've slipped in an RNC and finished the fight right then, I'd call that flukey. The flukiest part of Fickett/Koschek was that Josh's submission defense skills weren't quite where they needed to be.

The Sad Masturbator site profile image  

5/3/09 11:00 PM by The Sad Masturbator

so easy to judge