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Luigipe site profile image  

5/24/09 11:55 AM by Luigipe

Kimo was a pioner in Mma have good thing in this videos i remeber

JimTheHat site profile image  

5/24/09 10:22 AM by JimTheHat

Lol at that choke gif,looks like he's remembering some traumatic experience in his life and is taking it out on the guy.

Nitecrawler site profile image  

5/22/09 12:36 PM by Nitecrawler


FlashGordon2002 site profile image  

5/22/09 12:30 PM by FlashGordon2002

Did I see a wrist lock-knife disarm-kick to head in that intro?---------------------Yep - there was a wristlock to a kick in the head.I didn't realize the white thing going flying was a training knife. I thought the white blur was a tooth being knocked loose and I was thinking: "WTF? I didn't think he made contact with that kick - maybe I should get my eyes checked."

Ridgeback site profile image  

5/22/09 12:07 PM by Ridgeback

 That was a joke in the homosexual community to make movies like that.  Also see "pickle surprise" for a similar set up. 

sibusa19 site profile image  

5/22/09 11:35 AM by sibusa19

Goddammit, just shit my pants again when I saw that gif!

CaSz site profile image  
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5/22/09 10:45 AM by CaSz

I prefer Vol 2 Fierce fisting!

Ausgepicht site profile image  

5/22/09 10:11 AM by Ausgepicht

OK, here it is. I did NOT make this. All credit goes to Stickgrappler for this masterpiece:

HELWIG site profile image  

5/21/09 11:41 AM by HELWIG

 "I thought the flying arm bar was in slow motion, but it was just really really slow." And he didnt clear his hip so he had to kind of drag it over. The early days of MMA in America were such an amazing time. I cant appreciate them fully because I was too young but what a crazy time.

solidsnake site profile image  

5/20/09 1:10 PM by solidsnake

I thought the flying arm bar was in slow motion, but it was just really really slow.