Logo   Dan Miller on Last Day of Training Camp
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I was down at AMA Fight Club yesterday where Dan Miller was wrapping up his training camp for UFC 98.

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Crazy Zimmerman site profile image  

5/18/09 3:47 PM by Crazy Zimmerman

 HELWIG, same here brotha!! You guys always make me feel like family. Stickman, thanks!  I...I'm a little verklempt right now.

CLINT NJHC site profile image  

5/18/09 12:53 PM by CLINT NJHC

Sonnen is gonna get beat, son.

stickman site profile image  

5/18/09 12:36 PM by stickman

After seeing your first few "The Garv" videos, I thought your site was gonna be a joke but now I have changed my mind.You do a good job and I enjoy your site a lot. Being in Socal, I don't get a perspective on North East MMA so this is very cool.Excelsior to you!

CRE site profile image  

5/18/09 12:34 PM by CRE

This fight is going to look like Terrell/Tanner, just gonna rip through that shit player

CRE site profile image  

5/18/09 12:32 PM by CRE

   Win Tim Credeur TKO (Punches) Bodog Fight - To the Brink of War 8/22/2006 1 2:18 Win Tim McKenzie Submission (Brabo Choke) Bodog Fight - Costa Rica Combat 2/18/2007 1 0:13  Win Amar Suloev TKO (Punches) Bodog Fight - Alvarez vs. Lee 7/14/2007 2 3:33 Win Bryan Baker Decision (Unanimous) WEC 33 - Back To Vegas 3/26/2008 3 5:00  Win Paulo Filho Decision (Unanimous) WEC 36 - Faber vs. Brown 11/5/2008 3 5:00 Win Trevor Prangley Decision (Unanimous) UFC - Ultimate Fight Night 4 4/6/2006 3 5:00 Win Alex Stiebling Decision (Unanimous) WEC 12 - Halloween Fury 3 10/21/2004 3 5:00 Win Jason Lambert Decision GC 20 - Gladiator Challenge 20 11/13/2003 3 5:00  Win Jason Miller Decision HFP 1 - Rumble on the Reservation 3/30/2002 2 5:00 He doesn't train BJJ though..     I also doubt any of the guys listed above could beat Dan Miller..

CRE site profile image  

5/18/09 12:27 PM by CRE

Cool video I didn't know conmann22 was head instructor @ AMA! No wonder he's so confident and willing to bet on this haha

CRE site profile image  

5/18/09 12:25 PM by CRE

Sonnen by haymaker setting up a huge takedown that leaves Miller out cold on the canvas"He's out..He's OUT!"

fabes site profile image  

5/18/09 11:50 AM by fabes

The Karate is strong with him.

HELWIG site profile image  

5/18/09 11:40 AM by HELWIG

 Good footage Garv. Always a pleasure to have you come by. Between you and me, I think it was clear that BIG1 wanted off the mat asap after he felt how well you moved.

Fugazi site profile image  

5/18/09 10:47 AM by Fugazi

Thanks,CZ!Was that a "Fuck The OG" from MrBig1 at the end?