Logo   Frankie Edgar Talks Sherk and Trains with Jim Miller
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From Sunday at AMA Fight Club on TheGarv.com

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Brian McLaughlin site profile image  

6/3/09 2:00 AM by Brian McLaughlin

Frankie, I believe you meant "Dr. Claw" from the cartoon Inspector Gadget

Stona145 site profile image  

5/19/09 5:39 PM by Stona145

i like both guys cant really pick a winner

Ew0k187 site profile image  

5/19/09 4:49 PM by Ew0k187

this is fucking win.

Crazy Zimmerman site profile image  

5/19/09 4:40 PM by Crazy Zimmerman

 That's the guy.

Crazy Zimmerman site profile image  

5/19/09 4:39 PM by Crazy Zimmerman

 I'm just the opposite. I always try to get near the edge so if the guy I'm rolling with starts to sub me I say that we're too near the edge.  Then I slow knee-walk back to kill the clock. I love BJJ!

Ew0k187 site profile image  

5/19/09 4:37 PM by Ew0k187

aw mani hate when i run out of space on the matand then i have to walk on my knees to an open space.that knee walk literally takes an eternity

tjmitch site profile image  

5/19/09 4:30 PM by tjmitch

I am looking for Frankie to win this one.

orcus site profile image  

5/19/09 4:21 PM by orcus

 Edgar is a very under-rated fighter. Who else comes in and dominates guys like Fisher, Franca, and beats Tyson? Sherk is pretty much the only other guy meeting that description.

Ecko Unltd site profile image  

5/19/09 4:07 PM by Ecko Unltd

 I like Jim's shorts a lot

OctopusFighter site profile image  

5/19/09 2:54 PM by OctopusFighter

Was he the tall gangly kid who KOed his opponent with a vicious right cross?