Logo   Shinya Aoki vs. Keith Wisniewski
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Found this the other day. Forgot i had it. Brian ebersole and i cornered Keith for this fight in Shooto. Sorry i fucked up the sound; the japanese crowd doesn't make any noise any way.

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PolishConnection site profile image  

6/2/09 2:45 PM by PolishConnection

good times indeed

boilerbrawn site profile image  

6/2/09 1:49 PM by boilerbrawn

the night out after was great! Keith scored a major hottie that night. and he did it with one arm. Nice Work Man.

boilerbrawn site profile image  

6/2/09 1:47 PM by boilerbrawn

Wasnt just a throw attempt, was intended to injure the arm. its a fight though and in the rules so its far game. i wouldnt ever try it in practice though. its kind of like a leg lock in the respect that something usually gets broken before you can tap.

Mc6pack site profile image  

6/2/09 1:34 PM by Mc6pack

OUCH ! thats nasty.

Kakkarotto_san site profile image  

6/2/09 1:24 PM by Kakkarotto_san

The move is waki gatame and is an armlock. It can be turned into a throw if done differently, but it has always been designed as an armlock.

Punk Dobbs site profile image  

6/2/09 1:22 PM by Punk Dobbs

Here's a pic of James Cagney doing the move.http://www.amerikanjudo.org/Gene.jpgIt's just a standing waki gatame. You can throw with it but the intent is to break the arm.

ITweakRashad'sNips site profile image  

6/2/09 10:59 AM by ITweakRashad'sNips

Whatever it was meant to be at the time, he uses it as just a submission now and even has it in one of his instructional videos.

PiousDevil site profile image  

6/2/09 10:47 AM by PiousDevil

btw, you're awesome jon.

PiousDevil site profile image  

6/2/09 10:46 AM by PiousDevil

what happened? I'm not familiar with that fight, the end of the fight occurs off camera.