Logo   Kevin Randleman training for Strikeforce
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Just a short one this, Kevin 'The Monster' Randleman training at Xtreme Couture for his June 6th fight with Mike Whitehead at Strikeforce. Watch out for a cameo appearance by Mark Coleman.

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Augie site profile image  

6/5/09 7:54 PM by Augie


Leghound site profile image  

6/5/09 7:06 PM by Leghound

Dude is huge, genetic beast, but his standup looked a bit awkward/stiff. Guess that's just all the muscle?

The Iron Cup of Joe Son site profile image  

6/5/09 6:50 PM by The Iron Cup of Joe Son

Considering how he hasn't evolved at all I don't think it would matter. His mindset is preventing him from learning new things and adapting them to his game.

THP site profile image  

6/5/09 6:02 PM by THP

The videographer cleverly tried hiding that.

fightfan531 site profile image  

6/5/09 10:20 AM by fightfan531

from the few videos i have seen out there of both guys training for this fight, seems that whitehead looks much improved while randleman looks basically the same. i know its only a 2 min clip but his boxing looks green still and he has been fighting 10 years. he obviously can generate a lot of power (example cro cop upset) when he lands but i think mike whitehead is more well rounded at this point by far and will be able to avoid those bombs and not be held down.

fightfan531 site profile image  

6/5/09 10:20 AM by fightfan531

also i think fejaio who is now on the udnercard destroys them both.

Hardcharger site profile image  

6/5/09 9:54 AM by Hardcharger

Nope. Very noticeable, IMO.

THP site profile image  

6/5/09 6:25 AM by THP

Umm... Am I the only one noticing the extreme amount of gyno Kevin Randleman has? God damn.I hope him the best in his next fight, but athleticism was always his best attribute. We'll see if there is a noticeable difference in this fight.

Daddy32 site profile image  

6/5/09 5:11 AM by Daddy32

I always wondered if he might benefit from being taught better footwork, to avoid his affinity for staying on the balls of his feet and bouncing up and down rapidly. i know it helps his shot, and I know he knocked out Mirko, but the truth of the matter is that his striking isn't what his opponents spend a vast amount of time training to defend against. It looked like Tompkins was successful in getting him to relax a little and slow down, with a more methodical gameplan. I route for the guy, I hope he does well, his gifts are plentiful.

stevia cures cancer site profile image  

6/5/09 4:10 AM by stevia cures cancer

Imagine if Kevin would be in a camp like XtremeCouture from the start of his career, damn...