Logo   Kongo talks UFC 99, CroCop and Paul Kelly
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UFC heavyweight Cheick Kongo talks to Fighters Only about his forthcoming fight with Cain Velasquez at UFC 99. He also discusses MMA in France, groin shots, CroCop and tormenting Wolfslair team mate Paul Kelly whenever possible. Background noise - to the right of the camera Kelly, Bisping and Ricco Rodriguez were working heavy bags. Interview by John 'Steady Hands' O'Regan. www.fightersonlymag.com - news and interviews daily and check us out on Twiter.com/FightersOnly

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IrishFighter110 site profile image  

6/10/09 2:22 PM by IrishFighter110

 lol ttt

explodingboy site profile image  

6/10/09 2:16 PM by explodingboy

ttt since Kongo's knee-to-balls comments came from this interview.

Heartbroken Lee site profile image  

6/8/09 4:40 PM by Heartbroken Lee

I agree with EB. Keep up the interviews mate, they're very entertaining. You have a good cast of characters there at the Wolfslair to work with. I could watch anything with Kongo or Kelly in it all day.

Beninger site profile image  

6/8/09 4:23 PM by Beninger

It sounds like he said the last knee in the balls on CC wasn't an accident. All class IMO.

john joe site profile image  

6/8/09 3:57 PM by john joe

Is this an abstract comment on the barren landscape of the french mma scene in the face of conservative government oppression?

john joe site profile image  

6/8/09 3:56 PM by john joe

thanks bro! (your cheque is in the post)

explodingboy site profile image  

6/8/09 3:49 PM by explodingboy

Don't worry mate, if its not some bald headed tattooed American spouting his mouth off these people don't care. I can't wait for Kongo to announce his number one contendership on Saturday and watch these pricks piss and moan about how 'undeserving' he is even though he will have just beaten their new wanktastic HW poster boy.You conduct good interviews and I hope you keep up the Wolfslair content as much as you can because they're truly on the rise. Very impressed with how they are progressing.

john joe site profile image  

6/8/09 3:43 PM by john joe


john joe site profile image  

6/7/09 6:58 AM by john joe

aaaaand back to the top