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Riddum Revenge Episode: 6 Pride Never Die Georges St Pierre vs Karo Parisyan UFC match made to look like Pride Fighting Championship. watch in HQ. the changes: 1. pre fight pride widescreen intro story 2. pre fight story with japanese narration, laser transitions and stadium echo audio 3. pride pop up fight screen 4. big screen ramp entrances 5. Bas Rutten included in play by play with Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan 6. octagon using pride white floor 7. bell to start and end match instead of air horn 8. lights dim for decision 9. pride interval/victory music and confetti after win 10. pride round/victory graphics

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lookoutawhale site profile image  

6/12/09 1:34 PM by lookoutawhale

hey mods can you fix the original video. I think another mod accidentally changed the video to something completely different. For some reason its been changed to the Jason Day Twister move. =0

lookoutawhale site profile image  

6/12/09 5:01 AM by lookoutawhale

pretty much gibberish hehe. I created sentences like "karo parisyan travelled the world on a hot air balloon" and used the google language translator to turn it into japanese characters. Then i mixed and matched so it was just a line.If someone is japanese the whole thing would be bizarre. Reading about Karo on hot air ballons while hearing the narrator talk about a platypus at the same time watching karo judo throw people.

xkmasada site profile image  

6/12/09 12:25 AM by xkmasada

What were the Japanese subtitles saying?

John Harlacher site profile image  

6/11/09 9:31 PM by John Harlacher

Nice choices and tight editing.

xkmasada site profile image  

6/11/09 7:39 PM by xkmasada

That was awesome! Best spots: - Elevator entrance - Child photos! - Completely irrelevant photos of war (ala Crocop or Kharitonov) - Victory themeMissing: - Japanese commentator going "Hirariiii!" when flying attacks land - Pride ring girls!

lookoutawhale site profile image  

6/11/09 5:01 PM by lookoutawhale

i have another karo video explaining the borat reference hehe

JJSFC site profile image  

6/10/09 8:55 AM by JJSFC

I keep reading "Pride Never Die" in some odd Japanese accent, whenever I see it.Again, class video!

Granpa site profile image  

6/9/09 10:14 PM by Granpa

LMFAO @ Karo coming out to Borat!! HAHAHAHAHAH!

Dooz site profile image  

6/9/09 9:55 PM by Dooz

Nice work! SOOOO much better than the usual shot of fighter infront of a black backdrop saying "If he wants to stand and bang, Ima knock him out. If he takes it to the ground, ima submit him."

lookoutawhale site profile image  

6/9/09 9:55 PM by lookoutawhale

 *raises wine glass with biglove1973* i want to propose a toast, to failed threads!