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Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz vs Jerre Norton Superfight at Mayhem Submission Fighting Tournament

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wopgenius site profile image  

6/15/09 6:10 PM by wopgenius

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnC61ZVDQ6EThat kid that VicMacky was talking about

big fatso site profile image  

6/14/09 7:20 AM by big fatso

Damn! He clowned that black dood.

robhustle site profile image  

6/14/09 6:41 AM by robhustle

That neck crank vs monson was comedy

vicmacky site profile image  

6/14/09 4:18 AM by vicmacky

lol is that u Monson?

vicmacky site profile image  

6/13/09 2:33 PM by vicmacky

Hey you should post the vid of that white belt Chris Barnnett who lasted 23 min with Cruz in the absolute that day. I think they gave him a stripe on his white belt for that performance! Just saying.

tj tapper site profile image  

6/13/09 10:41 AM by tj tapper

Key lock? That has to be the highest level match decided by keylock that Ive ever seen.I always thought that was strictly for catching noobs with.Am I wrong, or is it just a tool in the arsenal of masters like this.tj

Trust site profile image  

6/13/09 8:43 AM by Trust

 Very cool.  Nice to see people still interested in the gi.

TtoMyJ14 site profile image  

6/13/09 4:57 AM by TtoMyJ14

all u have to do is a neck crank and he'll tap out.

THP site profile image  

6/13/09 4:55 AM by THP

Pe de Pano has some of the toughest grips I've seen.

Sebastiaan site profile image  

6/13/09 2:06 AM by Sebastiaan

Thanks loved it