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Ray Mercer KO's former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia.

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RickyDerouen site profile image  

6/15/09 12:25 AM by RickyDerouen

silvia got ktfo

koreviewz site profile image  

6/14/09 11:23 PM by koreviewz

 Damn, the most impressive thing about that clip is that he KO'd him and went for a takedown and ground and pound. 

Doodle497 site profile image  
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6/14/09 11:16 PM by Doodle497


dirtydeeds4u site profile image  

6/14/09 7:27 PM by dirtydeeds4u

LOL at the guys who spend all day here and never have trained n a "punching" art. What tools...

BaddKarma site profile image  

6/14/09 3:36 PM by BaddKarma

"You never lose your punching power, just your timing and speed."Isn't speed a huge factor in punching power?

Spaghetti Legs site profile image  

6/14/09 2:42 PM by Spaghetti Legs

You never lose your punching power, just your timing and speed.Sylvia would get KOd by Mercer everytime they box, everytime.

dirtydeeds4u site profile image  

6/14/09 2:24 PM by dirtydeeds4u

How do you figure? One, not even full shot, hook put Sylvia down like a shit load of bricks.And he's what 50? If you think an MMA'er can stand with an elite bocing you are still stuck in the Jimmerson age.

The Sultan site profile image  

6/14/09 2:13 PM by The Sultan

 He proved no such thing.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

6/14/09 1:16 PM by ChokeEmOut

 Mercer took a dive in that fight, no doubts about it. He would KO Kimbo if it were real.

dirtydeeds4u site profile image  

6/14/09 1:12 PM by dirtydeeds4u

Bouncer at a strip club...... where he'll probably get a few wins over drunk frat boys.