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Rio Heroes 8 Pedro "Stone Hands" Santos 6 wins in a row 9 wins in Rio Heroes and also fought in higher weight classes. His last loss was to Nog's top student who is 17-1. Pedro is looking to fight in the USA

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Doug Wilson site profile image  

7/7/09 11:27 PM by Doug Wilson

 I would love to see Stone Hands fight in the USA

TheClips site profile image  

7/7/09 11:11 PM by TheClips

lol, I loved how the lady announcer just started screaming into the microphone outta nowhere in the first vid---shit made me jump outta my seat cuz it startled me!All that aside, you gotta find "reality" aspect of Rio Heroes pretty admirable, though.

Doug Wilson site profile image  

7/7/09 11:03 PM by Doug Wilson

 TTT for Stone hands

Diesel67 site profile image  

6/22/09 12:58 AM by Diesel67


Doug Wilson site profile image  

6/21/09 7:27 PM by Doug Wilson

 his video against Alvaro has over 30,000 hits on Youtube   Definately deserves a shot in the USA

caposa site profile image  

6/16/09 8:20 PM by caposa


Doug Wilson site profile image  

6/16/09 8:15 PM by Doug Wilson

 Also Palace Fighting Championship! Any promoters interested in Stoney hands Equivest@aol.com

Master Shredder site profile image  

6/16/09 5:22 PM by Master Shredder

 Stone hands is a beast!...so is Flavio Alvaro(sp) from RH.

Knux site profile image  

6/16/09 5:08 PM by Knux

 Man, I miss rio heroes

MushroomHead site profile image  

6/16/09 5:04 PM by MushroomHead

If not Strikeforce, then hopefully Bellator at the very least.