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Interview with James lightning Wilks a few days after his victory at the finale. His new school is really nice and he had a great sense of humor.

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7/1/09 6:05 PM by Tru

 do it yourself at our next mma class than asshole!!!!!   j/k and i wont be at class tonight either lol. 

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6/30/09 6:22 PM by Tru

 on tuf, james tricked michael bisping into thinking he had a penny on his forehead, the the game was to see how many times it takes you to knock it off you forhead by slapping yourself in the back of the head.  we filmed a little segment doing it and used it as b roll at the end. jamehas a great sense of humor and tried a few bits with me but they didn't fit for this interview.

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6/30/09 4:48 PM by Rawlow1200

I would like to see Tru get knocked out!

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6/30/09 4:26 PM by Owned Entertainment


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6/30/09 1:13 PM by KriegerVonGott

Another good interview man, good job.

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6/30/09 1:13 PM by BengalTiger369

I think you should keep doing it. Not chokeouts everytime, cuz it will get boring, not to mention bad for you. But mix it up, maybe get knocked out unconcious?, it will def'n make you stand out from all other people doing interviews.

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6/30/09 1:09 PM by gangsta101


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6/30/09 1:09 PM by Card

 Explain what happened at the end? The head tap?

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6/30/09 12:31 PM by Tru

 lol...i thought people would get mad if i keep doing the same thing.  im down to take a beating from the fighters, but it depends on the situation.  we filmed this three days after the tuf finale and james was still in recovering mode.  I tried to get him to do the final sequence, like swepe my leg and take my back and choke me out like he did on the finale, but it didn't fit. if you guys want to see me get my ass kicked or jacked by pro fighters let me know, i think its fun

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6/30/09 12:23 PM by BengalTiger369

Hey Tru I'm kind of dissapointed, I kept waiting till the end to see a chokeout.