Logo   Jim Miller Talks About His Upcoming Fight with Mac Danzig
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UFC 100 - Jim Miller vs. Mac Danzig

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tjmitch site profile image  

7/6/09 3:11 PM by tjmitch

Jim is going to eat Macs Lunch. Unless his lunch is just a bunch of lettuce and stuff, then he will just beat him up instead.

taylork3 site profile image  

7/6/09 2:33 PM by taylork3

He seems excited!

nastarovya site profile image  

7/6/09 2:28 PM by nastarovya

mcluahglin aint too shabby either!

Brian McLaughlin site profile image  

7/5/09 5:23 PM by Brian McLaughlin

 Jimmy's a beast

nastarovya site profile image  

7/4/09 6:07 PM by nastarovya

war millernice fite team

NoPlacebo site profile image  

7/4/09 10:35 AM by NoPlacebo

They are awesome to watch but this is a tough fight for Jim. I feel Danzig matches up against him very well, Mac's striking has looked pretty sharp. I'd love to see Jim get the win, hopefully he can catch Mac or out grapple him.

The Hectorious GNP site profile image  

7/4/09 10:27 AM by The Hectorious GNP

 That is True Reggie!!

Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

7/3/09 9:37 PM by Reggie Warren Jr

 Can't help by like the Miller Bros!

The Hectorious GNP site profile image  

7/3/09 7:44 PM by The Hectorious GNP

UFC 100 - Jim Miller vs. Mac Danzig