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CapnsavemIsDead site profile image  

7/10/09 5:43 PM by CapnsavemIsDead

 i hear Gomi walks around @ 315.

Fredrico site profile image  

7/10/09 5:38 PM by Fredrico

Penn looked bigger than GSP when he appeared out of nowhere after the Fitch fight.

Steamfitter site profile image  

7/10/09 4:57 PM by Steamfitter

 From all the pictures I have seen on the net of Penn when he isnt cutting for a fight, the dude looks like he walks around at 200+ lbs.

BzGrappla site profile image  

7/10/09 4:50 PM by BzGrappla

yup, just think protein shakes and salads. cut those lbs son

orcus site profile image  

7/10/09 4:48 PM by orcus

 I doubt 200 is  big deal at 170 these days. Alves, Fitch; Anthony Johnson has cut from 210, hasn't he?

Hardcharger site profile image  

7/10/09 4:47 PM by Hardcharger

Fitch was clearly bigger than GSP. And taller. With a long reach.Alves looks to be clearly shorter. We'll see how they compare physically come fight time. Alves may not seem as gigantic if he's shorter and not as broad as GSP.

Fredrico site profile image  

7/10/09 4:04 PM by Fredrico

"Well, he is brazilian, so maybe he's used to it. "bwahaha so true

BzGrappla site profile image  

7/10/09 4:03 PM by BzGrappla

ok sorry i was off by 10 pounds. dude walks around like 165- 170.alves walks around like at 205 and is way stronger and faster i would say

JiuJitsuLifeMH site profile image  

7/10/09 3:32 PM by JiuJitsuLifeMH

Alves said on a radio show recently that he was at 190 at the time(which was like a week or two ago), i doubt he'll be as big as he was for the Kosheck and Hughes fights (i remember right before teh Kos fight on tapout radio he said he was 200 pounds and this was like 5 days before teh fight), he seems like he doesnt want to take any risks coming in over weight. we'll see though