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Tom Lawlor's Entrance at UFC100. Check out http://www.tomlawlor.net/ for more information!

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asscobra site profile image  

7/15/09 12:49 AM by asscobra

 At first the dog looked like Mayhem but at the end he looked like Seth Petruzelli. Either way, it's only way either of them are getting in the UFC

kristaNY site profile image  

7/15/09 12:49 AM by kristaNY

 Just Bleed was great

ECWCock site profile image  

7/15/09 12:45 AM by ECWCock


Defenestrator site profile image  

7/15/09 12:39 AM by Defenestrator

dude a penguin costume is pretty fucken sweet

mennis65 site profile image  

7/15/09 12:18 AM by mennis65

That's great !! I hope he gets moved to the main card and beats the other dogs.

allthetime site profile image  

7/14/09 8:48 PM by allthetime

awesome, just awesome...and then choked him to sleep

Tom Lawlor site profile image  

7/14/09 7:21 PM by Tom Lawlor

As a team, the Jungle MMA & Fitness has decided to enter Seth Petruzelli in next year's Eukanuba dog show.

taylork3 site profile image  

7/14/09 1:02 PM by taylork3

Just watching it off another thread, it absolutely has to be the techno viking nextThough that's going to require some serious training in itself...

Evil Intentions site profile image  

7/14/09 10:06 AM by Evil Intentions

His entrance was mentioed breifly on Around the Horn.  Jay Mariotti said he has watching the highlights and say "there's a guy leading with a dog leash leading another guy to the ring"...about half way through the segment  

Hey Zeus Hristo. site profile image  

7/14/09 10:02 AM by Hey Zeus Hristo.