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I interviewed Buffer before UFC 100, and got video of us watching it and my friends watching it from the audience.

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YES YES YES site profile image  

7/20/09 3:33 PM by YES YES YES

I don't think any of that would be necessary as no man would have the balls to rip off the Buff, for fear of the real Buffer 360 taking place on their face.

WoodenPupa site profile image  

7/20/09 3:13 PM by WoodenPupa

The Buffer announcer must submit to either the hamsurgery or a double ACL reduction, his choice. In addition the contract will contain a no-augmentation clause, meaning he can't work out on his lower body post-surgery in an attempt to compensate for the ham cut or ACL reduction.This gig is for the hardcore only. Non-serious Buffer introducers need not apply.

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

7/20/09 1:51 PM by 2JupitersTooMany

 What you've got to do with the other announcer is cut the hamstring on the back of his leg right at the bottom. He'll never 360 again. When his weight displacement goes back, all his weight is on his right foot, and he'll spin everything off to the right.  He'll never come through on a full 360. 

RickStorm site profile image  

7/20/09 1:45 PM by RickStorm

 lmao @ the no-360 contract. Thanks Joe!  Secretly wondering if there is a 540 in the future

WoodenPupa site profile image  

7/20/09 1:32 PM by WoodenPupa

But then if that announcer pulls off a 360 himself to introduce Buffer, Buffer would be forced into a 720 situation which wouldn't be good. So that guy would have to sign a no-360 contract, which he might be reluctant to do (other orgs like Affliction might allow it for one gig).

Spartan1017 site profile image  

7/20/09 1:25 PM by Spartan1017


YES YES YES site profile image  

7/20/09 1:19 PM by YES YES YES

^That should be our next petition, BTW.

YES YES YES site profile image  

7/20/09 1:18 PM by YES YES YES

Buffer is so awesome they should get another announcer to announce him, before he announces the fighters.

Bugeater site profile image  

7/18/09 12:41 AM by Bugeater

 LMAO!!  This is what I LOVE about this sport, it's not the typical bullsh#t!!  Good times.

Old noob site profile image  

7/18/09 12:18 AM by Old noob

Nice work Bruce! Nice antagonism Joe!*goes to climb on top of wife*