Logo   Dana White has mixed feelings about UFC 100
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White is still miffed about Brock Lesnar's behavior

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sense site profile image  

7/18/09 3:08 AM by sense

  Dana fears Brock as well he should

grilla site profile image  

7/18/09 1:05 AM by grilla

 Before, It was the unstoppable Tito, then Chack, and Arlowski, they tried to get Houston Alexander up that ramp. A. Silva is stud now, but will end up like Chuck or Tito, same. ( GSP is a real unhyped stud, unlike the rest) Oh. and Couture, since losing to Barnett and Rodriguez in 2002, only fought Chuck, Belfort, and Tito at light heavy (won't count Van Arsdale), then beat Silvia @ heavy, then Gonzaga, and then, according to Zuffa, is this huge superstar. Zuffa are geniuses at marketing, and controlling public perception.... meh.

Squared Circle site profile image  

7/18/09 1:01 AM by Squared Circle

 Translation: My butt hurts

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

7/17/09 11:53 PM by The Notorious OMG

tyson used his massive size advantage to pin his opponents down and punch them in the side of the head?tyson fought guys that were 20-40 pounds lighter?boxing has like 4 pound intervals for weight classes, dana. tyson may have acted like a bully but his opponents were the same size as him.he worked his way up from a shithole in brooklyn to be the youngest hw champ in history, brock used his wwe fame to secure a spot in the ufc when he started to miss the limelight, and is now using his massive size and strength advantage to win fights. he's obviously a great athlete and a great wrestler but a great fighter he isn't.he's living proof that the whole technique overcomes size philosophy is only applicable when you're dealing with some asshole that has no clue what he's doing.comparing brock to tyson is a joke......tyson's fights were exciting.

Can'tDefendaChokeojou site profile image  

7/17/09 11:31 PM by Can'tDefendaChokeojou


Squared Circle site profile image  

7/17/09 11:27 PM by Squared Circle

 Dana best check himself when he confronts Brock.  Wrestlers don't take shit from mealey-mouthed little bosses.

JerodR site profile image  

7/17/09 9:21 PM by JerodR

Thank you Dana... lol I have been saying this for a while and been given a great deal of crap over it, but it is true.

mikecard site profile image  

7/17/09 8:26 PM by mikecard

we've already seen it happen in a microcosm when both mir and randy were stalking him.

fanoffights site profile image  

7/17/09 7:58 PM by fanoffights

Cool, can't wait for Brock to bite someones ear off!

THP site profile image  

7/17/09 5:57 PM by THP

Yes! Dana White agrees with me then.