Logo   Kim Couture talks about her divorce
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Kim speaks about divorce and future.

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totalwreckage site profile image  

7/26/09 3:59 AM by totalwreckage

exactly she was a jobless decent looking cougar when she married Randy he let her help out becasue well they were married. It is so fucking funny that she tries to take credit for anything.. The i=fighters and students didnt attend Xtreme Couture becasue Kim Coutre could do some accounting lol they all came to train with and be apart of the Randy Couture bandwaggon

thenaturalbone site profile image  

7/26/09 12:09 AM by thenaturalbone

Xtreme Couture was founded in February 2007 by Randy “the Natural” Couture, and his proven MMA fighting styles, conditioning and nutrition programs is what propels the success of the Xtreme Couture Fight Team and individuals. Xtreme Couture is the leader with our proven training programs, instructors and mixed martial arts is the fastest growing in the world. Over the past 10 years, Randy has built a reputation as the best MMA fighter in the world. He is a six-time UFC Champion and the only fighter to win the championships in two weight divisions. In 2005, he was voted by the fans at the most popular UFC fighter ever. In June of 2006, he became just the fourth fighter to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame along side of Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie. On March 3, 2007 Randy stunned the world when he came out of retirement to defeat Tim Sylvia for the Heavyweight Championship of the world and successfully defended the title against Gabriel Gonzaga later in September. The same fighting spirit and legacy Couture has brought to the ring can now be found in Canada’s newest and most exciting MMA gym located in Etobicoke, just north of the Gardiner Expressway. Sounds to me like Randy founded the place and built it from the ground up..... He already successfully co founded team quest, and legends gym...why the fuck would he need her help????

totalwreckage site profile image  

7/25/09 11:44 PM by totalwreckage

If they divorce how can she keep the name? Seems to me she was just in it for the name all along

twonka site profile image  

7/25/09 9:59 PM by twonka

Randy can sleep with whoever he wants except for Sable, cause we know what Lesnar will do him.Besides how can she expect pure loyalty when she was the tramp he was screwing that broke up his first marriage, a real marriage, not a sham like this pile of feces.

Entreri site profile image  

7/25/09 9:35 PM by Entreri

Of course she would keep the name. Business.

Master Shredder site profile image  

7/25/09 9:34 PM by Master Shredder

Karma is giving Kim what she deserves and its a beautiful thing.

Master Shredder site profile image  

7/25/09 9:34 PM by Master Shredder


JT42382 site profile image  

7/25/09 9:08 PM by JT42382

Wow. There's a lot of antipathy towards Kim

deepwater site profile image  

7/24/09 8:28 AM by deepwater

I had the displeasure of spending a week in Vegas with both Kim and Randy regarding business. She is the biggest bitch I have ever been associated with and it was obvious that Randy would have to dump her because she became a power hungry bitch and everyone could not stand her that had to try and work with her.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

7/22/09 10:56 AM by ChokeEmOut

I am the first to say I cannot stand to see her fight, but tons of morons are on here acting like she did nothing for the Couture brand. Motherfuckers, where do you think Xtreme Couture came from? She pushed all that from behind the scenes, otherwise Randy would not have the name he has today outside of the sport. You gotta give credit where credit is due here.