Logo   Tito Ortiz on Josh Barnett's 'Roid' Use
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FOX Fight Game with Mike Straka: Tito Ortiz talks about Josh Barnett's steroid use, fighting Fedor, Affliction's future, possibility of rejoining the UFC or joining Strikeforce

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JohnMc site profile image  

7/22/09 6:33 PM by JohnMc

 LOL! Great post Adam

Adam Smith site profile image  

7/22/09 6:08 PM by Adam Smith

 I remember the IFL fiasco well. Tito is funny when he is not ruining cards he is not a part of.   I can see someone picking him up as a mascot, but not to fight OR talk.  Maybe a Mexican fight league??? He could wave his Mexican flag & sell "Punishment Nuts" in the stands.  "Getttt yourrrr Punishment Nut'ssss!!!, get your nuts from Tito!, world's hottest nuts...get em while they last..!!" Wonder when his press conference will be, announcing the "big news" that he won't be able (so unfortunate) to fight Fedor...

JohnMc site profile image  

7/22/09 5:57 PM by JohnMc

I threw the Team Punishment IFL team out there as a joke on how much he talks about nearly signing a contract with this or that org. I think alot of promoters have found out that Tito is a headache and not worth the trouble he causes.  

skibby site profile image  

7/22/09 5:42 PM by skibby

How much notice did Hendo have for big Nog in Pride?

madmav site profile image  

7/22/09 5:40 PM by madmav

so much for being "old school" tito.. tank always showed up win or lose - training camp or none.. that dude always showed up to get paid...

Asclepius site profile image  

7/22/09 5:36 PM by Asclepius

Thats a great idea! Seth vs fedor! Seth by KO first round.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

7/22/09 5:34 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 tito cant make the 265 weight limit either hehe

sweepnchoke site profile image  

7/22/09 5:32 PM by sweepnchoke

Sure he could, fact is it doesn't matter if Tito had a year to train for Fedor or fought him on 10 minutes notice, either way he doesn't have a hope in hell of winning and would only showing up for the paycheck.

KimuraCrunch site profile image  

7/22/09 5:24 PM by KimuraCrunch

I didnt believe Tito when he said he wanted to fight Fedor.. EVER. So I sure as hell dont believe he would even consider fighting him on 10 days notice. Tito probably wouldnt fight Ken Shamrock on 10 days notice.. with all his injuries, conditions, and excuses. Is his last fight against Machida? How long ago was that? Why does he even talk like he's an active fighter?

matmovement site profile image  

7/22/09 5:17 PM by matmovement

TIto could not step in with Fedor with 10000000 days notice