Logo   Miguel Torres talks WEC 42 fight with Brian Bowles
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I had an oppportunity to sit down for an exclusive interview with the current WEC Bantamweight Champion and one of the world's best pound for pound fighter Miguel Torres about his upcoming fight with Brian Bowles.

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Ray Flores Announcer site profile image  

8/3/09 12:11 PM by Ray Flores Announcer

Regiondoc....         Thanks a lot for the kind words. Really looking forward to getting out to Las Vegas this weekend to cover WEC 42. Going to be a great weekend for mma

regiondoc site profile image  

7/31/09 5:32 PM by regiondoc

Ray, I think you have a very bright future as an interviewer and/or announcer. saw a little spread on you in one of these local NWI magazines. Keep up the good work.

Ray Flores Announcer site profile image  

7/31/09 12:04 PM by Ray Flores Announcer

 AngryFoamy...              Thanks a lot for the tip I'm trying to get out there as much as possible.Really appreciate the support.  Looking forward to being in Vegas next week for WEC 42. It's going to be an amazing night of action

AngryFoamy site profile image  
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7/29/09 8:52 PM by AngryFoamy

Ray find the thread titled Kimbo Uncut I and II ..Spike. You are in the 2nd video at about the 1:01 minute mark.  Way to get out there!

Rory Singer site profile image  

7/28/09 8:49 PM by Rory Singer

Ray,I appreciate that and no worries at all.

IrishLew site profile image  
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7/28/09 5:06 PM by IrishLew

 To Vegas?  No, i gotta work...make that money.  Formally known as Stephan's Boner

Ray Flores Announcer site profile image  

7/28/09 5:03 PM by Ray Flores Announcer

 Rory.....I apologize for my misinformation about Brian spending all of his training camp at ATT. I know the Hardcore Gym down in Athens has a high standard for producing quality fighters. I am really looking forward to this battle between Torres and Bowles. WEC 42 as a whole looks to be a tremendous card from top to bottom

GardnerD site profile image  

7/28/09 8:34 AM by GardnerD


Posty Magee site profile image  

7/27/09 6:16 PM by Posty Magee

LOL at Torres face at 9:53 when Ray said East Chicago, Indiana.

GardnerD site profile image  

7/27/09 5:39 PM by GardnerD

you going Lew?