Logo   UFC 101: Ricardo Almeida talks Kendall Grove
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AlmeidaBJJ site profile image  

7/30/09 8:47 AM by AlmeidaBJJ


Mad Xyientist site profile image  

7/29/09 4:42 PM by Mad Xyientist

 Almeida smoked Horwich and has looked better since getting that hernia fixed.

anunaki site profile image  

7/29/09 4:38 PM by anunaki

if the grove that beat on belcher and out-fought tanner shows, Almieda is in trouble.If tanner could not get grove down from the clinch then almieda cant either.

MrWhitey site profile image  

7/29/09 2:29 PM by MrWhitey

Grove is overrated. Come out strong and he wilts like a daisy. Almeida takes this, IMO.

taylork3 site profile image  

7/29/09 2:23 PM by taylork3

I'd be surprised if Grove wins, Almeida gets him down and should finish with a sub inside of 2 rounds

The Destroyer88 site profile image  

7/29/09 2:17 PM by The Destroyer88

People were saying he was the future of the MW division right before his glass jaw was exposed.Ricardo was fighting in his second fight coming back from a four year layoff, not to mention against a tough guy in Cote.I just don't see any way Kendall takes this fight.

inf0 site profile image  

7/29/09 2:13 PM by inf0

SN bet?

Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

7/29/09 2:12 PM by Sagiv Lapkin

 I think Big Dog beats Grove.

jjj2121 site profile image  

7/29/09 2:11 PM by jjj2121

Who says Grove is good? Shit, Almeida was in a #1 contenders fight not too long ago...people actually think he's good.I think Grove can beat him.

inf0 site profile image  

7/29/09 2:08 PM by inf0

Grove is a good wager here.