Logo   Renzo Gracie talks about Ricardo Almeida
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3/29/10 1:59 AM by AlmeidaBJJ


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8/8/09 6:12 PM by AlmeidaBJJ


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8/6/09 12:21 PM by ohferfuxsakes

 Great interview...thanks for posting it! WAR ALMEIDA!

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8/4/09 8:30 PM by AlmeidaBJJ


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8/4/09 8:26 PM by AlmeidaBJJ

Pancrase days.

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8/4/09 7:07 PM by Kneeblock

 Excellent vid, but gay musical interludes almost killed it completely for me.

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8/4/09 12:08 PM by ohferfuxsakes

 VTFD for being a total fucking douchebag...and retarded.

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8/3/09 5:24 PM by JDolo

 Cote is the man.

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8/3/09 5:05 AM by Mark Hunter

It's always amazing to me when someone plays Shamrock as the victim in the whole thing. That's some damn good spin doctoring, I'll give it to you.

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8/2/09 11:07 PM by OctopusFighter

Renzo didn't quit, the doctor stopped it. Shamrock was the one who took the easy way out, throwing a deliberate foul that he was already warned for to get himself out of a fight that wasn't going his way