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10/14/09 6:32 AM by Tru

 this fight never happened.

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10/14/09 1:41 AM by TSGIGOR


Hardcore101 site profile image  

8/8/09 9:10 AM by Hardcore101

Logan - what's going on with you dude? You fighting anytime soon?

Hardcore101 site profile image  

8/8/09 9:09 AM by Hardcore101

Robi - I am not sure about the seminar. The government is trying to bring stability to the region. Me unleashing all of my PIMPATTUDE in the area could cause a bunch of local women to unveil themselves, thus cause a riot and alot of upset politicians. I may have to schedule the next one for Atlanta. LOLOh and I just trademarked PIMPATTUDE so if Kat Williams uses it I'm getting paid. LOL

BRINGTHAPAIN site profile image  

8/8/09 8:57 AM by BRINGTHAPAIN

Scott, will you be holding a pimping seminar while there? Keep yo pimp hand strong playa!!

LoganClark site profile image  

8/8/09 8:42 AM by LoganClark


Hardcore101 site profile image  

8/7/09 3:41 PM by Hardcore101

Help a brother out. I got three kids(that I know of) two dogs and three cats that I have to feed.

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8/6/09 11:31 PM by Kirik


gho0stbuster123 site profile image  

8/6/09 11:13 PM by gho0stbuster123