Logo   Dean Lister Compares Striking vs Grappling
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mr nemo site profile image  

8/17/09 12:24 PM by mr nemo

Yeah, subs don't work, fight like a man! Good for you Dean! :) Fun thread.

japetto site profile image  

8/16/09 11:06 PM by japetto

^ Just google "Bruce Lee."

FLAWLESSVICTORY site profile image  

8/15/09 2:54 PM by FLAWLESSVICTORY

hahah OMFG!!uniquetechnique..we need video of the guy better than machida an credentials or else its just not true

thesoleassassin site profile image  

8/15/09 5:50 AM by thesoleassassin

is it me or is there a bucket under dean's ass for him to shit in? not for nuthin but its kinda like that powerlifer vid .. I dont want to get lewd and go into details but dude is squatting and has issues

MurdochIRL site profile image  

8/15/09 2:00 AM by MurdochIRL

This just in from Eddie Bravo on returning to the gi

hoopstar site profile image  

8/15/09 1:39 AM by hoopstar

nope real men slip on the tight gsp shorts give their nips the tweak, slather on the ol' vaselline then get nasty.

pato1 site profile image  

8/14/09 11:10 AM by pato1

"Magical" Ray Elbe. You can hook me and my wife and kid up with a free house in Thailand if you want.

Rashad Evans_030 site profile image  

8/13/09 7:05 AM by Rashad Evans_030


pigpen site profile image  

8/13/09 5:42 AM by pigpen

 he sounds like one of rorian's kids(ryron or rener) I mean, the way he talks