Logo   UFC 101: Dan Henderson on Anderson Silva's Win
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Pizzacorner site profile image  

8/9/09 6:24 PM by Pizzacorner

There is one thing we do know...Dan will not be running out of the arena after the fight.

cdiorio13 site profile image  

8/9/09 6:19 PM by cdiorio13

 You have 181 posts in two years and honest to god I think every single one of them is you showing up on Henderson threads calling him boring. I picture you listening to "Stan" by Eminem and replacing Em with Henderson "Dear Dan, I wrote you but you still ain't calling.........." GTFO stalker

Kidcombo site profile image  

8/9/09 5:53 PM by Kidcombo

I think it's all talk.  I'll believe Anderson retiring when I see it.  You can bet the UFC is counter with a HUGE upgrade in pay, esp if he doesn't lose any of the fights on his current contract.   I'll admit I'm bias being a HUGE Hendo fan but I'm also a beliver that Hendo still has a shot at winning this fight.  I think he just made a big mistake in that 2nd round that cost him.  If Hendo shows up with his A game I think he can beat Anderson.  We know very well he's never gonna challenge Machida for the title, so unless Shogun beats Machida I would rather see him continue to fight guys in his weight class.  

bux site profile image  

8/9/09 5:10 PM by bux

Mussasi and Anderson at any weight would be glorious.

DoctorVanNostran site profile image  

8/9/09 5:05 PM by DoctorVanNostran

anderson by rapage, round 1

THE CACTUS KID site profile image  

8/9/09 4:58 PM by THE CACTUS KID

Damn Dan sounded like he was pretty buzzed!lol!

B Mcallister site profile image  

8/9/09 4:54 PM by B Mcallister

LMAO @ "He didn't have any tools in his.. uh.... toolbox that were better than Andersons"Goddamnit, Forrest. You can't expect to win a fight if you're going to bring a monkeywrench, a pair of pliers, and a stapler when Anderson is bringing a hatchet, a chainsaw, and a nailgun.

crazychris site profile image  

8/9/09 3:36 PM by crazychris

i dont even want to watch this one. Its a waste of what anderson could be fighting. Good luck hendo i'll be around to see what injurys you have after your loss in the near future. Not an exciting matchup for the fans.

Spaghetti Legs site profile image  

8/9/09 2:59 PM by Spaghetti Legs

Henderson getting rematch is BS. What an absolutely boring rematch.But there are a lot of dumb UFC fans that love man hugging and lay'n'pray decisions so it will probably happen.

Musashi site profile image  

8/9/09 2:54 PM by Musashi

I think Dan has an EXCELLENT chance of taking out Silva.Watch and see...People don't realize just how dynamic MMA really is... Dan is easily one of the best P4P fighters EVER (and was consider the best P4P for years). He is a dangerous matchup for just about anyone. If he can pull off a win it would be a HUGE way to retire imo. I love Dan.Gotta give the edge to Silva though. Silva is a very special fighter indeed. I have never seen anything like him.