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The crowd at UFC 101 was mostly behaved, except this small little brawl that broke out during the 3rd round of the Nelson/Riley fight.

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8/14/09 1:28 AM by punchdrunkMMA

Is this the same one with the guy flailing his legs on the ground? If not, some Sherdoucher posted video of him getting into a scuffle at 101 where he ended up on his back and then did some air-bicycle moves in defense. The GIF is hilarious.

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8/14/09 1:28 AM by punchdrunkMMA


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8/14/09 1:26 AM by Andrew Montanez

i enjoyed seeing that fight live 

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8/13/09 12:15 PM by Huntah

 That place had like no security.  I bet they didn't even get thrown out.  So many fans were passed out at their seats during the main card fights.  The guy behind us woke up, walked out of the aisle and puked on the stairs.  Got 2 more beers came back and passed out again.  haha

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8/13/09 12:08 PM by Man in Block


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8/13/09 11:40 AM by KNJacobs

One of the many reasons why I really don't care for this Mainstream acceptance of MMA. THe sport had idiots before, but now their multiplying at an escalated rate. Philly, classy as always.

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8/13/09 11:11 AM by mrgoodarmbar

Looked like she had a pocketbook with a car battery in it....Something forrest shoulda brought into his fight.

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8/10/09 7:33 PM by Damasta Shonuff

Didnt look like she dropped anyone to me. She jumped forward and hit a brunette and they started flailing away. Its hard to spot the short brunette because of her dark hair and all the dark shirts around her. Look closer and you can see both girls windmilling after the blonde jumps at her.

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8/10/09 6:53 PM by SgtJustinTeplitz

awesome Chris, thanks!!!

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8/10/09 6:49 PM by palerider101