Logo   Reggie Warren street fights Gray Maynard
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Rusty Butterknife site profile image  

9/4/09 8:30 AM by Rusty Butterknife

Reggie Warren Sr. approves.

Bruce Leroy site profile image  

9/4/09 8:20 AM by Bruce Leroy

 I just thought that green names were for pro fighters not comedians. so i guess i do have a problem with that.

gw99 site profile image  

9/4/09 6:07 AM by gw99

I agree with that. and LMAO @ "Black & Blue" (instead of gray). that was gold.

jakeH site profile image  

9/4/09 2:38 AM by jakeH


UfcSpyGUY site profile image  

9/4/09 2:14 AM by UfcSpyGUY


Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

9/4/09 1:32 AM by Reggie Warren Jr

 I like Huerta...but I'm gonna have to agree with you on this one Crooklyn!  Maynard doesn't get the credit he deserves, but he will one day.  I'm sure of it.

Crooklyn site profile image  

9/4/09 1:29 AM by Crooklyn

Hey Reggie.  We had him on tonight.  I'm thinking he's going to smash Huerta. 

HollywoodHendo site profile image  

9/4/09 1:28 AM by HollywoodHendo

Maynard was almost kneebarred the second he touched the ground with Miller. Now imagine Maynard going to the ground with Penn. It'd might as well be Melvin Manhoef at that point. Diego has a history of being outmuscled, but Koscheck, Guida, and Fitch are known to have good sub defense.

Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

9/4/09 1:21 AM by Reggie Warren Jr

 Maybe cause I beat the shit out of most top notch UFC fighters?  Maybe that's the fuckin reason.  You have a problem with that?

Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

9/4/09 1:20 AM by Reggie Warren Jr

Reggie Warren, Jr. | | SPIKE.com HAHA! I aint no goddamn hippie!  Check out this street fight.