Logo   KTLA Reporter mock attacks Shogun and Machida
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Funny interview. (5:03)

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BzGrappla site profile image  

9/2/09 2:22 PM by BzGrappla

ONLY in America!!!touch me...n I'll sue ya!!

BengalTiger369 site profile image  

9/2/09 1:41 PM by BengalTiger369

lol relax guys, it was a little different than most interviews which are boring anyway. We'll be seeing hundreds of interviews leading up to the fight with them, atleast he made himself look like an idiot to crack a smile in their faces.

Meohfumado site profile image  

9/2/09 1:27 PM by Meohfumado

Ah local TV....nuthin sillier.

bryanand site profile image  

9/2/09 1:22 PM by bryanand

Tito should learn to fight with dress shoes like that.

Posty Magee site profile image  

9/2/09 1:06 PM by Posty Magee

That guy has better kicks than 97 percent of this forum.


9/2/09 12:21 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 oh lord... lol. I would love to see the portuguese translations of what those two were thinking ....

Crazy Zimmerman site profile image  

9/2/09 12:15 PM by Crazy Zimmerman

 I thought it was amusing. He was just having some fun.

garrote2007 site profile image  

9/2/09 12:09 PM by garrote2007

Mark kriski is way funny, he also did a bit with Tito or Rampage at HB ultimate in the past

Kostakio site profile image  

9/2/09 11:43 AM by Kostakio

So the guy had a little bit of fun with them and cracked their smiles. So what? Would you have preferred some serious, dry interview with him only asking them their thoughts on MMA? Give me a break, man.