Logo   Matt Arroyo vs. 250lb man in Absolute Division
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breakit site profile image  

9/4/09 1:19 PM by breakit

 Oh, and the energy there was nuts during that match and your match with daniel. Good job, again.

breakit site profile image  

9/4/09 1:14 PM by breakit

 The worst knee on belly I have ever felt was from Rhadi.  I thought I would die.

No Regard site profile image  

9/4/09 9:59 AM by No Regard

Personally, Ive never actually seen monsta wear a shirt...Im dead serious!! lolRhadi is the man...

TheShiznit site profile image  

9/4/09 12:32 AM by TheShiznit

Nice work

Brian McLaughlin site profile image  

9/4/09 12:24 AM by Brian McLaughlin

Nic match Matt Does Monsta ever wear a shirt?

mortician site profile image  

9/4/09 12:24 AM by mortician

he kinda looked like rhadi but if it was rhadi i think he would have thrown you pretty hard.

No Regard site profile image  

9/3/09 10:04 PM by No Regard

Im pretty sure it wasnt Rhadi lol...but Rodney...maybe rhadi's little brother haha

groundfighter2000 site profile image  

9/3/09 10:02 PM by groundfighter2000

nice match matt! always cool to see matches up like this bread and butter jiu jitsu - sweep to side control to armbar

mortician site profile image  

9/3/09 9:59 PM by mortician

 is that rhadi?

newbyfan site profile image  

9/3/09 8:06 PM by newbyfan

I like you guys when your on BTLS.