Logo   Larry Shoreman vs. Jeremiah Constant Vicious KO
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tiger07 site profile image  

6/23/10 8:29 AM by tiger07

Any stories...?

BrentP site profile image  

6/23/10 4:34 AM by BrentP

Oh shit another c/o! I thought I was the only one here. People don't understand the punishment a body can take until they see a good prison brawl or see someone actually have the shit knocked out of them. Like literal shit people.  

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male site profile image  

6/23/10 4:20 AM by Thunderlips The Ultimate Male

Must suck to fight a guy who holds the JUCO pin record in your MMA debut lol.

MolsonMuscles site profile image  

6/23/10 4:15 AM by MolsonMuscles

She probably heard "He's stiff as a board!" and jumped to the wrong conclusion. 

okiebug site profile image  

6/23/10 12:47 AM by okiebug

Anytime you see a girlfriend in the ring you have to question the professionalism of everyone involved.

supersaiyan site profile image  

6/23/10 12:44 AM by supersaiyan


THE CACTUS KID site profile image  
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9/4/09 8:11 PM by THE CACTUS KID

This is where the term came from incase you haven't seen ithttp://www.mixedmartialarts.com/?go=forum_framed.posts&forum=1&thread=1508547&page=1&pc=639

Blazing Knees site profile image  

9/4/09 8:07 PM by Blazing Knees

It was a tiger claw.

Morgz site profile image  

9/4/09 8:04 PM by Morgz

 I can honestly say I do not understand what it means to be a 10th degree red belt.

THE CACTUS KID site profile image  
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9/4/09 7:57 PM by THE CACTUS KID

idk exactly what style he was,but i know that he and a friend said they trained at the Dragons Layer!I used the 10th degree redbelt headline cause i knew you guys would click on it like crazy!