Logo   Mauricio Rua Talks Lyoto Machida UFC 104
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samonoske site profile image  

9/14/09 1:28 AM by samonoske

 Ha Ha he just said "Helaxed", that is awesome. I am also having a helaxing sunday. TTT for Shogun's English

fruhzs site profile image  

9/13/09 11:51 PM by fruhzs

I translated the questions for him, and gave him some help with some words, but basically let him try to answer on his own. He is doing an effort and is really improving a lot! He needs a bigger vocabulary, but he is already learning to think in English, that's great! I mean, it shows he cares and knows its important. Plus, he has been training hard all year long, so it doesn't give him much time to take classes. I'm proud to see him doing an interview like that, it would be impossible years ago. Eduardo Alonso.

AlbertEinstein site profile image  

9/7/09 2:35 PM by AlbertEinstein

If Shogun wins, Anderson and Machida should switch weight classes. Let Machida rule 185 and Anderson 205.

UrineTrouble site profile image  

9/7/09 7:12 AM by UrineTrouble


Douche site profile image  

9/7/09 6:00 AM by Douche

Greg Savage with his tweaked out Cali surfer accent FTW!

slamming site profile image  

9/7/09 5:49 AM by slamming

Obviously its edited, you can see the cuts. Nonetheless the man is speaking english.Shogun will find a way to beat Machida. I predict Shogun will get lyoto on his back in this fight.

RabbiVJ site profile image  

9/7/09 4:47 AM by RabbiVJ

 if he did that whole interview in english, i call bullshit, his manager prolly helped him and it was prolly edited...but yeah he has improved...sorta...

flip_guard site profile image  

9/7/09 4:30 AM by flip_guard

If Shougun can upset Lyoto, bet Anderson Silva gets the Title fight next to avenge his buddy Lyoto.

ElPapaya site profile image  

9/7/09 4:29 AM by ElPapaya

I hope Shogun takes this. Right high kick!


9/7/09 4:21 AM by K-Dub-"T"