Logo   Frank Mir vs Roy Nelson Grappling
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HaoleBoy site profile image  

9/30/09 7:18 PM by HaoleBoy

good call David

fiercedragon site profile image  

9/30/09 6:44 PM by fiercedragon


David Bollea site profile image  

9/30/09 5:07 PM by David Bollea

ttt for the Kimbo fight tonight :)

HELWIG site profile image  

9/13/09 1:55 PM by HELWIG

 "Hes going for that kneebar he did to Ian Freeman!" Laimon rules.

Son of Neckbone site profile image  

9/13/09 10:51 AM by Son of Neckbone

What the hell is a Dale Jr? Also I'm surprised how much bigger Mir is than Nelson. I fig'd they were about the same size.

mad tiger site profile image  

9/13/09 5:20 AM by mad tiger

franks been overhyped for years just because he did ok at a few Grapplers Quests.

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

9/13/09 4:20 AM by DanTheWolfman

thanks for posting,Big Country is my Fav to win....most experienced against top competition ie Arlovski and RothwellHaving a belly fools everyone they think you are slow and have no cardio (and can't kick them in the head superquick)...........Mir had nice lateral drop, which Roy basically did to counter Arlovski's BJJ leg trip attempt in there fight

Lynn Marie site profile image  

9/13/09 3:59 AM by Lynn Marie

What was the weight difference?

Jacques Furieux site profile image  

9/13/09 2:35 AM by Jacques Furieux

nelson has some incredible balance

asscobra site profile image  

9/13/09 2:08 AM by asscobra

 No shit. Why doesn't Laimon STFU and compete.