Logo   Frank Trigg vs. Mayhem Miller
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Diesel67 site profile image  

9/21/09 11:31 AM by Diesel67

 In Pride it was legal, as it should be.  The fella getting hit can tap out at any time.

Krakatoa site profile image  

9/17/09 2:39 AM by Krakatoa

hell yea... this is real fighting

HOLLYWOOD-MO site profile image  

9/15/09 12:02 AM by HOLLYWOOD-MO

I dont have a problem with the ref letting it go for so long but shit, Jason was getting kicked and kneed in the back of the head...almost on top of the spine. Is that legal??

newbyfan site profile image  

9/14/09 10:50 PM by newbyfan

 i think that was an action packed event. Where do i get the dvd diesel?

Diesel67 site profile image  

9/14/09 8:28 PM by Diesel67

 <Best fucking rule set ever.  Combined Japanese downed  kicks & American Elbows.> And groin shots.   :)  Two real men enter.  One man leaves a real man  

Sierra Nevada site profile image  

9/14/09 8:03 PM by Sierra Nevada

 Too bad he did not crack his skull.

Nog's Nut Sack site profile image  

9/14/09 8:02 PM by Nog's Nut Sack


skooter site profile image  

9/14/09 7:37 PM by skooter

Hellava fight right there IMO.....Kicks and knees to a downed fighter is how real men fight.