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We sat down with Herb Dean at his gym (The Fight Academy in Pasadena, CA) and he explained his take on the highly controversial Kimbo/ Nelson fight.

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BLACKBUDDAH site profile image  

10/17/09 5:51 PM by BLACKBUDDAH

People complain when they stop it early and then some complain when stopped to late. you can't please everyone just do your job Herb and you do it well

DVProductions site profile image  

10/7/09 10:44 PM by DVProductions

NHB USA -  TTT for Herb Dean!    I wish he did more interviews..... This is just an excerpt from a much longer interview. We will be posting more with Herb, and a couple of people (Savant Young, John Bostick) at his gym (Fight Academy, Pasadena). Herb is a great guy... and just as a side note, he's a pretty damn good guitar player too! A class act for sure.

NHB USA site profile image  

10/7/09 7:46 PM by NHB USA

 TTT for Herb Dean!    I wish he did more interviews..... 

Immaculata site profile image  

10/7/09 7:33 PM by Immaculata

Herb did a great job that fight.TTT for one of the best in the biz.

MMAWORLDWIDECREW site profile image  


Tis now on youtube as well. It can be found here:http://www.youtube.com/user/RawMMAjust in case anyone is still having trouble seeing this video on this site.

The Destroyer88 site profile image  

10/7/09 5:28 PM by The Destroyer88

 So "pitter patter" punches that you can't defend shouldn't stop a fight? How exactly do you know if they are "pitter patter" punches unless you are the guy recieving them? I guess you can tell how hard they are by sitting on your couch being an observer right?

mikecard site profile image  

10/7/09 5:27 PM by mikecard

cant even listen to the interview...late stoppage? Is the interviewer insane? This is a fight not patty cake

mikecard site profile image  

10/7/09 5:25 PM by mikecard

fights should be stopped if you CAN'T intelligently defend yourself...as opposed to not intelligently defending.Big difference.If i'm being an asshole and drop my hands and let you hit mein the face (ala Mayorga) three times in a row,should the fight be stopped? I'm not intelligently defending at all.If I'm clearly unconscious and take those three shots, then stop it. Pitter patter punches while im caught in a bad position better not EVER get stopped

The Destroyer88 site profile image  

10/7/09 4:29 PM by The Destroyer88

 Video works for me(both of them). I think the "three unanswered punches" rule was when Roy was talking to the fighters on the show, saying he was going to count to the ref how many times he was hitting him, and the ref would have no other option but to stop it. Good interview though. I never once disagreed with the stoppage, Kimbo wasn't even trying to improve his position. Herb Dean could see this and didn't want Kimbo to take any unecessary damage for the rest of the round.