Logo   Brett Rogers Talks Upcoming Fight With Fedor
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nofatchicks site profile image  

10/9/09 12:55 PM by nofatchicks

When your strategy going into the fight will be "throw hard punches", theres no reason to really obsess about the details.

BaddKarma site profile image  

10/9/09 12:04 PM by BaddKarma

You can't deny that Arlovski and Sylvia were tough and real challenges and so was Barnett.But if we talk throughout his career, he did fight some serious competition every 4-5 fights.I actually remember thinking and worrying that since coming to America Fedor is fighting very hard guys back to back..... that was an unusual feeling as a Fedor fan.

mrjedens site profile image  

10/9/09 12:03 PM by mrjedens

I understand he has to stay confident and not think about the Fedor legacy. But not watching footage on him? Why would you not want to see how he fights..

keepthechange site profile image  

10/9/09 12:01 PM by keepthechange

Sylvia was the champ if you dont remember, he beat a lot of people, Arlovski couldnt make it in the ufc ? he was making it in the ufc, he left of his own accord

Soup and Beer site profile image  

10/9/09 11:47 AM by Soup and Beer

 He's in a can't lose scenerio.  He is still relatively unknown and is hyping his fight against the best HW on the planet.  Even after he loses he will get brownie points for showing no fear.

sparkyman site profile image  

10/9/09 11:43 AM by sparkyman

I said one out of every 4 or 5. Arlovski couldn't make it in the UFC, I don't care how much potential he had. He lost to Sylvia twice. Sylvia was certainly no match for Fedor and wouldn't likely be in the top 10 in the UFC now. Barnett would have been good. Coleman???? You're kidding, right? How about Hong man choi? I'm not saying that he's NEVER fought anyone good, but look at the list of fighters he's faced in the past 5 years. It's not horrible, but it's nothing to challenge him.  

bignightmare site profile image  

10/9/09 11:40 AM by bignightmare

Rogers is gonna be in for a world of hurt.

Already In Use site profile image  

10/9/09 11:37 AM by Already In Use

Rogers has the attitude and some skills to fight Fedor. But Fedor is resourceful and tough. The winner = whoever wants it the most

whiteghost site profile image  

10/9/09 10:51 AM by whiteghost

Argument fail. Arlovski wasn't a challenge? Silvia wasn't? He was going to fight Barnett too, till Josh popped for roids. Coleman, Cro-Cop, Mark Hunt..... How are these fights not challenges? Because he makes it look easy?

sparkyman site profile image  

10/9/09 10:42 AM by sparkyman

 This will be the first time ever that I don't really care about Fedor winning. I've always been a huge fan, but his actions and his management's actions regarding where (and ultimately, who) he is fighting are making me less of a fan. I almost want to see him get knocked down a peg or two for fighting someone like Rogers. One out of every four or five fights are legitimate challenges in the past few years.