Logo   Brock Lesnar training RNC, Armbar and Kimura
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bshaw1979 site profile image  

10/10/09 10:50 PM by bshaw1979

A lot of people seem to not like Brock..For some reason i kind of like him..

HereWeAre site profile image  

10/10/09 10:32 PM by HereWeAre

God what a bunch of nuthuggers. I can't wait to see you all jump ship once Brock gets exposed.

beerbelly site profile image  

10/10/09 10:27 PM by beerbelly

 Carwin wins this one........but only if he's allowed to use a bat.

ocianain site profile image  

10/10/09 10:27 PM by ocianain

Brock does a lot correct standing, keeps his chin down even when he throws, however, he doesn't roll his shoulder when he throws and his chin is there (Forrest does this too, he overextends his jabs and doesn't roll the shoulder, got him KO'd) waiting to get hit. He's open to a counter when he throws.

Captain Woody site profile image  

10/10/09 10:15 PM by Captain Woody

First, that was fiction, second, he had a weapon.


10/10/09 9:53 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 Hey... David slayed Goliath. Let's pray for Carwin to.. win....

mrjedens site profile image  

10/10/09 9:51 PM by mrjedens

Thank you, sir.

Stevia Austin site profile image  

10/10/09 9:49 PM by Stevia Austin

Fuuuuuuuuuuuu...Armbars are supposed to snap your forearm or elbow joint. Brocks armbar would tear a normal persons arm off from the socket so he can beat you over the head with it.

NeoSpartan site profile image  

10/10/09 9:33 PM by NeoSpartan

Nevermind here's the spinny thinghttp://www.theburnmachine.com/mma.php

Spidermonkey site profile image  

10/10/09 9:27 PM by Spidermonkey

What an animal!