Logo   Dan Quinn Victory on 10/10/2009
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Mahakala site profile image  

7/22/14 4:47 AM by Mahakala

Pure H2O and stevia, player. 

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

7/22/14 4:40 AM by Vulva Fabulous

Why was Chumlee carrying his belt?

stevia cures cancer site profile image  

7/22/14 3:38 AM by stevia cures cancer

Dont forget your daily stevia intake stud

Carson's Corner radio show site profile image  

7/15/14 9:39 PM by Carson's Corner radio show


2breath2feel site profile image  

7/14/14 3:49 PM by 2breath2feel

I still use the phrase "to town with hot wheel tracks" to this day....No one get :(

Ben Saunders site profile image  

7/14/14 3:18 PM by Ben Saunders

Lol :)

theBrink site profile image  

7/14/14 11:13 AM by theBrink

Hahaa holy fuck this shit is gold. This Dan Quinn character seems like a bad mother fucker. I really gotta tighten up my violin technique, thank god he showed me how.

MMA Playwright site profile image  

7/13/14 11:01 PM by MMA Playwright

I respect you for what you accomplished against Skip Hall but Dan Quinn is a different level, player.

RenatoCocopreta site profile image  

10/23/09 3:24 PM by RenatoCocopreta

If its bitter youre guying the cheap stuff with leaf residue in it. Get your self some pure stevia playboy.

IrishFighter110 site profile image  

10/23/09 3:14 PM by IrishFighter110

oh my god playa