Logo   Dan Quinn Victory on 10/10/2009
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RenatoCocopreta site profile image  

10/23/09 3:24 PM by RenatoCocopreta

If its bitter youre guying the cheap stuff with leaf residue in it. Get your self some pure stevia playboy.

IrishFighter110 site profile image  

10/23/09 3:14 PM by IrishFighter110

oh my god playa

Dawkins site profile image  

10/23/09 3:13 PM by Dawkins

HAHA thanks for sharing.

rbl site profile image  

10/22/09 10:46 PM by rbl

 I am drinking a coffee with about half a dozen stevia tablets in it RIGHT NOW, based only this thread and Professor Quinn's work in the field. It tastes weird, sweet with a bitter aftertaste, but I can feel myself getting blacker already, player.

mortician site profile image  

10/22/09 10:13 PM by mortician

It was alleged. Playboy you just don't understand I remember watching that game when they brought in maitreya when he made "THE PLAY" and I thought he was a black dude the whole time. Tell me this how many white outside linebacker can cover black running backs? The line should have been Dan Quinn at drop end because he could cover black running backs, Cedric Figaro at rush end and Marty Lippincott at nose tackle his true position, Maitreya remembers when Marty dominated Tony Siragusa in high school. Playboy.    

RenatoCocopreta site profile image  

10/22/09 7:59 PM by RenatoCocopreta

Nice try newbie faggot. Know this, Dan loves the ladies. Uh playboy, its like this homie, the roughest thing he does is play their violin till their pussy erupts in orgasm after orgasm, trust and believe playboy.

mortician site profile image  

10/22/09 4:54 PM by mortician

 When he punched a bitch and launched her 17 feet down the hall unconscious.

mortician site profile image  

10/22/09 4:47 PM by mortician

He's blacker than Vaughan Bean as fast as a black middle weight.

handsup site profile image  

10/16/09 12:26 AM by handsup


handsup site profile image  

10/15/09 5:17 PM by handsup

or stepping into the shower with him as a child